Devialet Dione : Features, Specifications and Price

Devialet Dione : Features, Specifications and Price

French company, Devialet, has just launched its newest soundbar with the name Dione. This soundbar is claimed to offer uncompromising high-end sound quality, bringing new life into the way people watch and listen to their TV content without the need for a separate subwoofer.

features with a 5.1.2 channel sound system. That is, it promises a capable surround sound with an object base. Featuring two new patented technologies, combined with a number of existing exclusives, the Devialet Dione has been designed and engineered to deliver a quality sound experience.

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Do not miss some of the technology that is embedded into Devialet. The first is the Space technology, which actively boosts any content to the Devialet Dione 5.1.2 audio channel creating an all-over spatial effect. There is also Advanced Dimensional Experience (ADE), which is a new digital signal processing technology that uses beamforming to amplify 3D-quality sound enhancements.

Furthermore, there is a technology called ORB, which allows the design of the sphere in the center of the Devialet Dione to be mechanically adaptable and provides the best acoustic sound quality according to the position of the soundbar.

In addition to this exclusive technology, Devialet Dione also embeds ADH analog-digital amplification technology. The technology is embedded in a chip (SoC), which unites analog precision with digital power and compactness into one 1 cm square of silicon, to provide unmatched sound clarity while also optimizing power consumption.

Controlled via the Devialet app, users can use a room calibration scan to ensure sound is appropriate for their environment. With four unique listening modes – Movie and Spatial Mode actively transforms stereo content into a complete multi-channel experience using the Space algorithm. Unfortunately there is no pricing information for the Devialet Dione soundbar yet.

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