Microsoft Teams is optimized for Apple Silicon Mac

Microsoft Teams is optimized for Apple Silicon Mac

has finally released a version of Teams that is optimized to run on the Mac platform. “For Mac users, this means a significant performance boost, ensuring efficient use of device resources and an optimized Teams experience even when using multiple high-resolution monitors during video calling meetings,” said Anupam Pattnaik of Microsoft.

The updated app arrives nearly two years after Apple revealed its first Silicon M1-based device. So far, Teams has been running using the Rosetta 2 translation, resulting in performance issues like slow startup times, crashing lagging, and more. One solution is to run a progressive version of the Teams web app, which requires the Mac .

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Other Microsoft applications including the Office suite became available shortly after the Silicon-based Mac debuted. However, the company only started beta testing an optimized version of Teams for the new chip back in April.

The new version of Teams will be released as a universal binary that runs naturally on Macs powered by Intel and Silicon. However, users will still have to wait a bit longer, as Microsoft plans to release it gradually over the coming months.

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