Sony brings an ad-supported game

Sony brings an ad-supported game

Maybe isn’t the only maker looking to place more ads in games. A source said that is testing an initiative that will sell and place ads on games that will be played for free through a private marketplace. This will include billboards and other advertisements, as well as character skins and similar collectibles.

Some detailed information is reported to be constantly changing. Sony isn’t sure if it will take some of the ad revenue, and may ask the studio to pay for the data, the tipster said. However, the company appears to be strict in screening the ad technology companies it works with, and will not allow the collection of personal information such as email addresses.

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If this news is accurate, the leak says that Sony will launch the PlayStation advertising program at the end of 2022. On the other hand, there has been no comment from Sony.

Reporting from Engadget (22/4), the comes just a week after Microsoft was said to be planning a very similar strategy. The goal is simple, namely to make it easier for developers to place ads in games, and the more likely they are to release free-to-play games.

While that can be annoying for gamers who prefer to play games without ads, it can help companies release free-to-play games that don’t rely too heavily on paid skins, season passes, and other related content.

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