With IonQ, Hyundai Will Make Electric Vehicles Batteries with Quantum Computers

The South Korean automotive manufacturer, Motor Company, is said to be collaborating with British computer manufacturer IonQ Inc.

According to the EVMAGZ website quoted on Sunday (1/23/2022), Hyundai’s collaboration with IonQ Inc aims to create an efficient electric model.

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Through this collaboration, Hyundai and IonQ will present a chemical model of an electric car battery to simulate the structure and energy of lithium oxide.

This chemical model will help improve the performance, cost and safety of lithium batteries. Hyundai’s collaboration with IonQ is one of the steps for Hyundai’s global electric car development.

The development of battery technology is also said to attract public interest in using electric cars.

Researchers believe quantum computers can operate millions of times faster than today’s advanced supercomputers.

Thus, the process of mapping complex molecular structures and chemical reactions in electric car batteries can be carried out much faster.

To make this happen, the IonQ quantum computer still needs to get further upgrades.

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