WhatsApp Users Can Hide ‘Last Seen’ from Unknown Contacts

has improved the ability to hide the last seen feature of mysterious contacts in its latest test. WhatsApp also strengthens the feature so that no application is able to break into this feature.

Reported by Telset from Gadgets NDTV on Tuesday (12/14/2021), actually the feature to hide the ‘last seen’ can be set regarding who has the right to see it. Are all users, users whose numbers are stored on their cellphones or no one can see.

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However, WhatsApp seems to be trying to improve it again. This messaging application is testing the ability so that users can hide last seen and online status from unknown numbers or contacts stored on their cellphones, but have never chatted with them.

In addition, the feature of hiding the ‘last seen’ is more powerful than the existing features. So that third-party applications will not be able to break into information about last seen and users’ online status.

The feature trial was carried out to respond to the presence of various applications that were able to break into the ‘last seen’ and online WA accounts. Say Cyberstalking. The application that had appeared on the Google Play Store is widely used to spy on users’ last seen and online, even though they have tried to hide it.

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It is not yet known when the Last Seen and Online feature enhancements will be rolled out. It is possible that if it is officially launched, and iOS users will be able to take advantage of it immediately.

Previously, WhatsApp was also reportedly testing new capabilities in the last seen feature. The application provides a new option so that users can hide last seen from certain contacts.

In the screenshot posted by WA Beta Info, it appears that there is an additional option, namely “My Contacts Except” which WhatsApp is testing for iOS.

Through the “My Contacts Except” option, users can activate Last Seen WA only for certain contacts, for example friends, work colleagues and family. So they are more comfortable because other users don’t know the activity on WA.

“Today WhatsApp is finally working to introduce another option called My Contacts Except, so that you can finally enable your last seen, and you can disable it for specific contacts,” wrote WA Beta Info.

Until now there has been no information from WhatsApp regarding the development of the Last Seen feature. Likewise, there is no information on when this WhatsApp feature update will be able to be used by users.

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