AMD 6000 Pro Series offers better performance and energy

AMD 6000 Pro Series offers better performance and energy

has just announced several advantages that will be obtained by users of the Ryzen 6000 Pro Series . This processor is said to be present in the near future in various laptops from various vendors.

AMD’s Senior Director Commercial Client and Workstation, Matthew Unangst, said that they have quite a lot of stuff included in the new processor.

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This processor will come with 8 cores that have the Zen 3+ architecture. This processor will come with RDNA 2 graphics, which will use the 6nm fabrication technology that has been enhanced.

Using this combination, they claim that this processor has a performance increase of up to 17% faster than competitors when using MS Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook while simultaneously running Microsoft Teams conferences.

Interestingly, they claim that by using this processor, users will get a longer battery life. Compared to the competition, they claim this processor saves up to 45% for Microsoft Teams conferences compared to its competitors.

Unfortunately, until this news was written, there is no information on when laptops that use this processor will be present in the market.

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