Everything you should know about Truth Social

Truth Social

Truth Social is a created by the former President of the United States (US), .

has been officially released. The app is now available on the App Store app store. Truth Social itself is similar to .

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This application departs from the heartache of Trump who was previously blocked by Twitter for inciting violence that occurred in the US Capitol building.

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Truth Social was developed by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Trump claims his app is able to encourage free, open conversation without any political discrimination.

Unfortunately, some users trying to register for Truth Social are having problems. Some of them can only get into the waiting list, can’t get into the total.

A Washington Post journalist also admitted to having problems registering. He has created an account, filled out the account registration form, but so far has not received a verification email.

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The security of Truth Social is also doubted by a number of parties. As reported by The Verge, Tuesday (22/2/2022), this application serves pages over HTTP connections, instead of HTTPS which is more secure.

Indeed, Truth Social can still be accessed via an HTTPS connection, but this cannot be done automatically. Users have to do the typing manually, and it’s a hassle.

Former US Republican Representative Devin Nunes, who is also the leader of TMTG, said the app would be fully operational by the end of March. We’ll see if Truth Social will be able to replace Twitter, which Trump considers not neutral.

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