Everything you should know about Vivo V23e

also features NFC Multifunctions which is not only able to help check and recharge electronic cards, but also to transfer data and duplicate access cards.

The V23e Sunshine Coast has a unique look. The color of the rear body can vary from purple, blue, or pink, for me it has its own artistic value and beauty. Fresh on the eyes.

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Apparently, this is because they use the Dual-Layer Coating technique and smooth Satin AG Glass, and make it look stunning and fashionable with a different color spectrum when viewed from various angles.

The design carries Ultra Slim Design and Flat Frame Design. I think it’s very comfortable to hold. Pass. not too long and not too wide.

From the packaging alone, I can feel the luxurious yet artistic feel. This is as seen from the smartphone box which is patterned like the stars in the night sky.

In addition, the rear camera is also not too prominent, and the front camera still appears in a notch style.

V23e is also equipped with a clear casing, so that the beautiful appearance of the cellphone can still be seen even when using a cellphone protector.

One of the unfortunate is the absence of a standard round plug for conventional audio devices that use cables.

Fortunately, Vivo provides an adapter so that users can connect their device to the cellphone via the charger plug. If you want more convenience, using a wireless device is the best choice.

But for me, who prefers to use earphones or a headset with a cable, of course this is something that is unfortunate. Moreover, there is no guarantee that users will not lose the adapter in the future.

On the sound side, even though it only has one speaker located under the phone, the Vivo V23e seems to have a pretty awesome sound. Although it’s still quite restrained because it’s not dual speakers, the sound is pretty loud.

In terms of performance, Vivo V23e is quite comfortable for daily use, for example to just play social media, browse, to watch videos on YouTube or iQiyi.

To play the Pokemon Unite game itself, it is quite smooth, even though in 20 minutes the body feels warm.

While PUBG: Mobile lasts for 30 to 40 minutes with HD settings, this device is apparently still quite impact-resistant with the back not getting too hot.

Finally, to play the “favorite HP reviewer” game, Genshin Impact, the lowest setting for seven minutes has already made it hot.

For daily use without playing games, Vivo V23e has a 4050 mAh battery which is quite durable. The 44W FlashCharge feature also helps it to charge faster.

In half an hour, the power can be charged from 32 percent to 92 percent using the built-in charger. This is one of the plus points for this HP.

Vivo V23e has a 50MP AF Night Portrait front camera, as well as a rear camera with a configuration of 64MP Night Camera, 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera and 2MP Macro Camera.

On the selfie camera, the Vivo V23e manages to display photos in bright conditions with good results, as well as the bokeh feature. For the night, although a bit less than optimal, but still gives good results.

On the 64 MP rear camera feature, the photos are also good and fairly sharp for taking pictures under sunny conditions or during the day.

As for the 8 MP Ultra Wide Angle camera and 2 MP macro camera, I don’t think there is anything too special here. The results of the ultra wide camera also in my opinion are better when in bright conditions than at night.

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