Global Chipset Scarcity Forces Sony to Stop Taking Camera Orders

The global shortage of chipsets has had a major impact on various industries, including the industry. Due to this scarcity, announced that it would discontinue a number of its cameras.

In addition, Sony also announced that it would stop taking orders for a number of its cameras, the Sony A series and the ZV-E10. Citing Ubergizmo, Sony said that with regard to digital image products, component procurement has been delayed as a result of the shortage of semiconductors worldwide.

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Therefore, Sony continued in its announcement, it will delay accepting orders from distributors and customers at Sony stores, because a number of specific models have very limited supply.

Sony will no longer be taking orders for cameras including the Sony a7C, a7II, a6400, a6600, and ZV-E10. In addition, Sony will also temporarily suspend the A7II and A6100 cameras.

However, the cessation of production of the A7II and A6100 is considered by some parties to not have a negative impact on Sony, considering that both models are old models. Sony has launched the next generation for the A7II, in the form of the A7III and A7IV series.

Thus, his decision to prioritize the model over the A7II is considered reasonable. Meanwhile, until now, there is no information available about when Sony will return to receiving orders for the affected cameras.

Previously, Sony finally prepared a new color choice for gamers who were looking forward to the PS5 and DualSense stick controller in addition to white. On its official blog, Sony announced that it will soon release new color options in January, namely Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple.

The presence of these three new colors will add to the options that already exist, namely Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. All of them will be available for DualSense and PS5 via an accessory in the form of a self-mountable cover.

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