How to change Google account password using a smartphone

Passwords are used to protect accounts used in internet. The more complicated the password, the more secure the account.

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To further increase security, internet users are advised to change their account passwords periodically, including accounts.

Google account is arguably one of the accounts that must be strictly protected. The reason is, a Google account can be connected to a number of applications that are currently commonly used, such as Gmail, YouTube, to Google Maps.

You can imagine if your Google account password is leaked and spread, then important data in those applications is stolen. Not only data, your Google account can also be taken over by someone else who knows the password.

For security, the Google account password can not only be changed via a browser on a desktop (computer or laptop), but also via a mobile phone (HP).

This Google account password is very important to keep secret so that it is not easily accessed by others. The best way to ensure security is to change your Google account password regularly.

In addition, if you are still using a password that is easy to guess, it is highly recommended to change it as well.

Change the Google account password can be done through the Gmail application on the cellphone. So, you don’t have to turn on your computer or laptop to replace it.

If you want to change your Google account password, consider the following method:

  1. Open the Gmail application on your cellphone, if you don’t have the application, you can download it via the Google Play Store (for ) or the App Store (for iOS)
  2. Click the profile photo icon in the top right corner
  3. After that, select the “Manage your Google Account” option to access the account settings menu
  4. Then, scroll my settings panel towards the left to find the “Security” option
  5. In the “Login to Google” option section, then tap the “Password” setting
  6. Once you tap on it, a new window will appear asking you to verify your Google account by entering your current password
  7. If the verification is successful, you will be asked to fill in a new password and confirm it.
  8. Once filled in, click “Change Password” or “Change Password”.

After you change your Google account password, all other devices that you didn’t use to verify this change will be automatically logged out. That’s how to change the Google account password via HP, good luck.

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