Spotify add Rating Feature for Podcast content

Podcasts are content that many users listen to. Now Spotify listeners can rate their favorite podcast creators.

The feature on Spotify uses a 1 to 5 star rating system. Ratings are given for podcast show pages. Later the results of the assessment will appear on the creator’s account page along with the number of users who gave the rating.

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To rate your favorite Spotify podcast, just go to the related show’s page and click the asterisk below the cover. Next, please choose how many stars you want to give your favorite podcast.

“After listening to a show, users will have the opportunity to rate it using a 1-5 star system. The average rating will be publicly displayed on the podcast’s show page on Spotify, along with the number of users who rated the podcast,” Spotify said.

The launch of this rating is inseparable from the increasing popularity of podcast content on Spotify. This audio application claims that there are already 3.2 million podcasts released by creators on their platform.

“With more than 3.2 million podcasts on Spotify, we know it can be daunting for listeners to discover new shows that listeners love,” Spotify said.

The podcast creator rating feature is also based on the high interest of Spotify users to listen to their favorite chat content. Spotify wants users to be more active in evaluating existing content.

“Podcast ratings give listeners the opportunity to support their favorite podcast shows and allow for 2-way feedback between creators and listeners,” he adds.

The rating feature is also expected to make it easier for users to find new audio content. They can see the number of stars the creator has received, before listening to them.

“By introducing ratings, we’re making it easier for users to decide when to try a new podcast that may be their next favorite. Because podcast ratings will serve as the first opportunity to attract new users, they have the potential to build instant interest,” Spotify said.

Ratings also give content creators a big picture of how listeners rate their content, which they can then use to improve content quality

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