Apple will roll out the SOS feature to iPhone 14 series

announced that in the near future they will roll out the SOS feature to the 14 series devices. This is one of the features that series users have been waiting for since the feature was introduced.

The feature will be linked to an emergency dispatch center via Globalstar’s network of 24 low-orbit satellites based in Louisiana. In an emergency situation, where Apple users have no signal or Wi-Fi coverage, they can activate the SOS feature from their device.

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The Globalstar satellite will then send a request to the Globalstar ground station and then relay the message to local forces. This feature is expected to help more people in emergencies.

For the start, this feature is likely to be coming to iPhone 14 series users, or some sources state that 16 users will get this feature. Apple will be rolling out the SOS feature in an soft update.

The Emergency SOS feature via Satellite was launched after the Crash Detection feature was previously released for users. This feature automatically calls emergency services, if the person is incapacitated or unable to reach their cell phone.

“We’re proud to have these services enabled and our users to be able to explore off-the-grid areas, but knowing they’re still within reach of emergency services if they need assistance,” said Apple COO Jeff Williams.

It seems that Apple wants to make their a very important device, so users will be worried about traveling without their iPhone 14.

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