Everything you should know about GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones

GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones

has just launched , a follow-up product to the Hero 10 Black that they released last September. With the additional embellishment of the name ‘Bones’ behind it, this latest product comes with a significant difference in weight. Which makes Hero 10 Black Bones the lightest action product ever made.

Weighing only 54 grams, making Hero 10 Black Bones 100 grams lighter than Hero 10 black. This significant weight reduction is indeed presented specifically for certain segments, namely those who use the Hero Black Bones action camera to be mounted on FPV (first-person view) drones and Cinewhoop, which is a 3-inch class drone, small in size and more agile than other drones. .

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“Bones is an important step in our strategy to leverage GoPro’s core camera technology to produce derivative products that address the needs of a specific customer audience,” said Nicholas Woodman.

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Coming with a GP2 , features such as HyperSmooth 4.0 and up to 5.3K quality, the same sensor and lens as the Hero 10 Black, this new product can be very light because GoPro removes a lot of capabilities and other supporting elements in it. Starting from the rear screen, speakers, GPS, metal cover, the body which is now made of plastic and is now not waterproof, to the presence of a battery in it.

For battery problems, because it is specifically designed to be attached to a 3-inch drone, Hero 10 Black Bones will rely on power from the 2S-6S or 5-27V battery on the drone.

Meanwhile, with a ventilated semi-durable cover on the front, this is claimed to have better and continuous cooling of airflow. So it can be used for taking longer videos.

Another attraction, Hero 10 Black Bones is also confirmed to be compatible with the ReelSteady GoPro stabilization software which was also recently launched. So users can combine HyperSmooth and ReelSteady stabilization to get smoother video recordings.

For FPV drone users who have long wanted an action camera like the Hero 10 Black Bones, they can now redeem it for around US$500.

Although it is already available on the official GoPro sales site, offline sales of the new Hero 10 Black Bones will only be available in the United States market at this time, and there are no definite plans for it to be marketed in the international market.

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