Meta believes Mixed Reality can be realized in a decade

US tech company believes is possible in a few years or at least a decade from now and won’t take long to welcome it.

Mixed reality allows one to experience life experiences that are mixed in both the real world and the virtual world for example when a person is connected to mixed reality he can hit a video game character in the virtual world using a ball bat in the real world.

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Quoted from Reuters on Saturday, Meta’s ambitions were conveyed to advertising experts in a virtual meeting and became the first meeting to discuss the potential and development of the Metaverse in the future.

Meta estimated at the meeting that mixed reality would at least be realized within a decade or ten years.

With this prediction, Meta invites advertising experts to be able to participate in experimenting in the virtual world and take advantage of augmented reality, which is currently growing quite rapidly.

Although it doesn’t show in detail what ad formats can be displayed in the metaverse, Meta still believes that the world of advertising can thrive in a new world ecosystem that is mixed between technology and reality.

Advertising experts are reportedly still looking for the advantages and effectiveness of this method considering that the metaverse is still unclear at this time.

In recent years, many technology companies have shown their ambition to develop the virtual world and the real world can go hand in hand.

Several devices to enter mixed reality have begun to be introduced to the world community even though they have not been sold commercially by technology companies.

Examples include Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, introduced in 2019, retails for $3,500 and is intended for workplace use.

Then at its annual Connect conference in October, Meta announced Project Cambria, a headset that will feature mixed reality capabilities and include face and eye tracking. The headset is expected to be released in 2022.

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