TikTok starts testing shopping features in various countries

The in- shopping feature is finally starting to roll out in various countries. This feature is a long-awaited feature which allows users, both viewers and creators, to sell and buy goods directly.

As is known, TikTok has always focused on e-commerce features. However, at first the shopping features in this application could only be experienced by users in a few countries.

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TikTok has also previously been experimenting with a feature called the Shopify shopping tab and is getting ready to roll out live shopping features. TikTok spokeswoman Laura Perez confirmed that the new feature is currently being tested in the US.

Interestingly, this feature has previously been tested in the UK, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia for a limited time. According to Semafor, TikTok is inviting new businesses and shopping programs, with eventually expanded access to international sellers.

“The e-commerce industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and has become a contested space between leading Internet companies, and its future growth cannot be underestimated,” said a representative for TikTok.

“With millions of loyal users worldwide, we believe TikTok is the ideal platform to provide our users with a new and improved e-commerce experience.”

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