WhatsApp introduces preview feature for voice messages

The voice message feature or voice note on still has one problem, namely users can’t be sure whether the voice they record is clear. However, according to WhatsApp’s latest upload via its official Twitter account, this issue will be fixed with a feature update in the latest version of the app.

According to a WhatsApp post, users can now listen to a preview of their voicemail before it is sent. Instead of re-sending a voice message that turns out to be inaudible, the new feature allows users to decide whether to send a voice message or to re-record it.

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Unfortunately, the upload doesn’t show how the voicemail display in the app can be heard again. The company also did not inform when the latest version with this feature will be launched.

WhatsApp is definitely not the only app that allows sending . But with the addition of this feature, it gives it an extra point among other messaging apps.

Additionally, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new visibility option feature to hide user information from certain contacts. Some users have reported getting this feature to try. Users can choose certain contacts not to be able to see Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About info, which is the user’s personal information.

Wccftech (12/11) reported that users of WhatsApp beta v2.21.23.14 for Android had the opportunity to use the feature. However, in the near future all WhatsApp beta users will be able to use it.

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