Epson EH-LS12000B specifications : Everything you need to know

Epson EH-LS12000B specifications

The is specially designed to provide real-world widescreen entertainment for watching movies and matches.

Plus, the LS12000B promises incredibly rich details and vibrant colors to create an even greater cinematic experience at home.

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The Epson EH-LS12000B is claimed to be able to provide phenomenal image quality and impressive color brightness. Representing Epson’s premium line of home projectors, the LS12000B has a resolution of up to 8.3 million pixels, enabling users to enjoy movies in high quality. The presence of 4K resolution offers very detailed images without distortion.

Not to forget HDR10+ support to display extra depth and more natural and rich colors. The HDMI 2.1 port connectivity and low lag time of under 20ms means that gamers will be attracted by the 4K 120 fps resolution. it enables precise display reaction time to support a wide range of gaming and entertainment applications and devices, including the 5 and Series X. Making it the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Featuring a brightness of 2,700 lumens, the 3LCD technology used by the LS12000B delivers rich, balanced and true-to-life colors. Supporting the Calman calibration solution, the LS12000B is able to provide a high standard of color accuracy for the best image quality. Built-in functions also include an Adaptive Gamma Scene mode, which increases contrast levels to display the brightest whites and deepest blacks.

Powered by a laser light source, this model is designed to last up to 20,000 hours of maintenance free, while producing less heat and lower power consumption for energy efficiency. Precise, flexible and easy installation is also possible with the 2.1x optical zoom with integrated motor power.

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