Everything you should know about Adonit Neo Pro

Accessories manufacturer Adonit has a new product that’s perfect for those of you who like to draw on the !

This digital accessory called is targeting users of the latest iPad that already supports full screens such as the latest iPad mini 6, iPad Pro or iPad Air.

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The mainstay features in Adonit Neo Pro are the extra easy connection mode and wireless charging of the to the side of the iPad device.

Previously, the feature with wireless charging to the iPad body was only supported by the second generation Pencil. But now a similar technology has been brought by Adonit Neo Pro.


1. Magnetic Connection and Wireless Charging

The first very interesting feature of Adonit Neo Pro is that it has features like the second generation Apple Pencil.

Namely the magnetic side body that makes it can be stored by attaching it to the side body of the iPad.

In addition, this magnetic connection also supports wireless charging mode so you can store and charge the Adonit Neo Pro battery when not in use.

Still around charging the battery, Adonit Neo Pro also supports battery percentage indicator with the built-in Battery Widget on 15 or later.

Because of this , Adonit Neo Pro only supports iPad devices that have been supporting the second generation of Apple Pencil only.

These are iPad mini 6, iPad Pro 11-inch all generations, iPad Pro 12.9-inch generation 3 or later, and iPad Air 4 and 5.

2. Tilt Sensitivity

The next mainstay feature in Adonit Neo Pro is Tilt Sensitivity.

With Tilt Sensitivity technology, you can draw with tilted shading mode to get more natural results like using ordinary writing tools.

An example of using Tilt Sensitivity is to easily create calligraphy or images with thick and thin brush effects.

3. On/Off Button and Without Bluetooth

Unlike other digital styluses, the Adonit Neo Pro is said to not require a Bluetooth connection to connect to an iPad device.

You only need to turn on Adonit Neo Pro with the button at the top and then use it directly on an iPad that supports this accessory.

For the battery indicator, it can be monitored from the Battery Widget of iPadOS as shown above.

4. Palm Rejection

For those of you who usually draw on the iPad for a long time, take it easy because Adonit Neo Pro already supports Palm Rejection.

So you can put your palm on the screen without disturbing the touch screen input, aka ignoring the part of the palm that is attached to the screen.

5. Changeable Tips

Just like the Apple Pencil product, Adonit Neo Pro also has a Tip aka the tip of the pencil which is soft and can run out.

If it has run out or is no longer sensitive, you can easily replace the Tip in Adonit Neo Pro.

In the sales package, Adonit Neo Pro is equipped with 2 spare tips.


Because it’s still just released, Adonit Neo Pro can only be purchased by Pre-Order on the adonit.net website. Adonit Neo Pro retails for $45.

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