Facebook tests feature 5 additional profiles for each account

is testing a way that allows users to have up to 5 profiles linked to a single account. Facebook says the test is dedicated to users who want to differentiate between their profiles, but stay connected, for example, one profile for work, another for friends, and so on.

“To help people customize their experiences based on interests and relationships, we tested ways to have more than one profile linked to a single Facebook account,” said Facebook spokesman Leonard Lam, quoted by TechCrunch (15/7). Facebook must continue to follow our rules.”

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The user does not have to add his real name in any additional profiles. Users can choose a profile name with any name that is unique and does not contain numbers or special characters. Meanwhile, the main profile must keep their real name.

On security, Facebook says additional profiles are also subject to its policies and cannot misrepresent a user’s identity or impersonate others. If a violation is found on one of the profiles, it will affect the entire account.

Facebook says this rule will help prevent the practice of abusing the platform across multiple profiles. If someone repeatedly violates company policies, Facebook’s system will recognize which profile name is in violation and take action, such as deleting additional profiles or all profiles including the main account.

However, not all features in the main account are available in additional profiles. One of the settings for creating and managing Pages is only in the main profile. Additionally, Facebook says adding additional profiles won’t change how it reports user metrics, such as total monthly and daily active users.

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