YouTube Shorts Coming to Web and Tablet

With the popularity of over the past few years, many social media giants have finally launched a feature to share short video content in a vertical mode.

Call it, Instagram with Reels, and which has released . Even so, so far, Google has only launched Shorts content for applications on smartphones.

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Reported by 9to5Google, Friday (22/4/2022), Google will reportedly expand the YouTube Shorts feature by bringing it to websites and applications on tablets.

The lack of support for tablets means that foldable smartphone devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, can’t access Shorts content.

According to YouTube, the Shorts tab will appear on the and tablets when the feature officially rolls out in “the next few weeks.”

Based on Teknowire’s observation when this article was written, YouTube Shorts can already be found when you enter the site via a on a computer.

Meanwhile for tablets, Shorts content is still not found in the currently available version of the YouTube app.

From the content creators side, YouTube Shorts also adds support for creators, to combine content from longer videos.

Video segments ranging from one to five seconds in eligible videos will work in Shorts in both video and audio. When a clip is used, the original video is linked.

Creators can also choose to exclude their videos from this feature, and anything set to private mode or subject to a copyright claim will be ineligible.

YouTube says the new Shorts splicing option will be available on iOS in “the coming weeks.” While on Android, reportedly will debut at “late this year.”

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