Zoom launches Attendance Status feature

has officially launched the new Attendance Status feature, which allows hosts and co-hosts to see the attendance status of all participants in online meeting rooms.

This feature helps hosts to monitor every attendee who attends the meeting on time or who is late. Later, the attendance status of participants will be divided into two categories, namely “Joined” and “Not Joined”.

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Participants who have attended the online meeting will be automatically entered into the “Joined” tab. On the other hand, participants who have not entered the Zoom room created by the host will be entered into the “Not Joined” list.

Fortunately, the Attendance Status feature is integrated with Calendar and Outlook Calendar so hosts can send invitations and know the attendance status of attendees.

There are four statuses, namely “Accepted”, “Declined”, “Maybe”, and “No Response”. All of this status information can be seen by the host and listed under the names of potential participants who are included in the “Not Joined” list.

Prospective participants who agree to attend the online meeting will be marked with the status “Accepted”. If unable to attend the invitation, the status of the prospective participant will change to “Declined”. Meanwhile, prospective participants who are still in doubt will receive a “Maybe” statement.

The “No Response” status will appear if potential participants do not open the invitation, or have not informed their attendance status through Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

Zoom participants who have been invited and want to join an online meeting will be categorized in the “Waiting Room” list.

Hosts can allow participants to log in by pressing the “Admit” button or selecting the “Remove” button to reject participants.

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