Google officially uses “Tiramisu” name for the Android 13 version

has officially named 13 after a typical Italian dish, , 9to5Google and The Verge revealed on Friday (11/2/2022).

The reveal of the name Android Tiramisu occurred during the preview event for developers. However, this is not a surprise, because rumors of using the name Tiramisu itself have been circulating since July 2021.

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Interestingly, Google seems to have returned to the old tradition of naming the Android after desserts or sweets after this habit stopped in 2019, when Android 10 was launched.

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However, within Google itself, sweet names for the Android operating system are still used informally. Android 10 has the alias Quince Tart, Android 11 is nicknamed Red Velvet Cake and Snow Cone is the name for .

As for Android 13, which is still being developed, it is said that it still focuses on privacy and issues. One of the highlights is the Photo Picker feature.

With this technology, Android phone users will be able to share photos with the application without having to allow the application to access all the photos on the device.

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In addition, Google also provides many conveniences for developers in developing applications on Android 13. For example, providing easy applications for devices with larger screens in the midst of the trend of folding phones.

Android Tiramisu also improves the use of , so that it can be optimized by developers to channel updates and new features through the app store.

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