How to mute a friend’s Instagram post and stories

Not all friends in cyberspace make us comfortable on . Some users may often feel annoyed or uncomfortable with their friends’ uploads on social media, such as .

The problem is that users are reluctant or feel bad about “unfollowing” (unfollowing). Especially blocking the account. So, what can be done? There is a trick you can do to hide a friend’s upload on Instagram without having to unfollow or block the account.

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This trick takes advantage of the built-in features on Instagram, namely “mute” aka “mute” and “hide” or hide.

So, there’s no need to download a third, usually unofficial app to hide your friends’ uploads on Instagram. If someone’s account is muted or hidden, he or she will not get any notifications from Instagram.

The two accounts -both those that hide and those whose uploads are hidden- will still remain friends on Instagram and can interact as usual, including sending messages, visiting profile pages, and so on. Hiding a friend’s post on Instagram is not difficult. Just do the following steps:

How to mute a friend’s Instagram post

  1. First, find the user’s Instagram Stories post that you want to mute. You can go through the Stories timeline or open the desired user profile.
  2. Open his Instagram Stories upload
  3. Click the three dots to the right of the post.
  4. Later there will be an option “mute stories” or “mute posts (feeds) and stories”
  5. If you want to hide only Instagram Stories, select “mute stories”.
  6. However, if you want to hide Instagram Stories and feed posts at the same time, select “mute posts (feeds) and stories”.

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