Microsoft Add Free VPN Service from Cloudflare to Edge Browser

To improve the safety and of its users, added a free built-in personal network service to the . This service is referred to as “Edge Secure Network”.

Microsoft is testing this service, which is supported by DDOS mitigation company, Cloudfare.

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This technology company said it would launch this service to the public as part of improving security.

Quoted from, when this feature is activated, Edge Secure Network must encrypt the user’s traffic, so that internet service providers cannot collect user search information.

This feature will also allow users to hide their locations when opening and exploring the web using a virtual IP address.

So that users can later access the content that is blocked in their country, such as an event on the Netflix or Upstream streaming service.

But the use of data for this feature will be limited to 1GB per month, and users must enter the Microsoft account first so that the company can track their data use.

Microsoft also said, while Cloudflare will gather diagnostic support and information from services, Microsoft will permanently delete the data every 25 hours.

While this feature is still in the development stage and is not yet available for initial testing, but Microsoft said users can try the initial preview of this feature first.

After downloading the preview or preview of this service, users can try the preview version by opening the edge, then heading to “settings and others”, then click to “Secure Network”.

Users will be asked to enter the Microsoft account, and for users who do not have an account can create an account first.

After that, the protective icon will appear in the browser frame that shows the Edge Secure Network has been activated. This feature will die when the user close the browser.

Microsoft is one of the many browsers that offers several types of VPN services. Another browser, namely Opera also comes with free VPN services.

But a more popular browser like Mozilla only offers paid VPN services, just like the Google browser.

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