Instagram users can like IG stories without sending DM

Currently, if a user likes someone else’s , the love icon will be sent as a Direct (DM). Well, this is about to change.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Tuesday (15/2/2022), the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced in a post on Twitter. Later users can like other people’s IG stories without sending a DM.

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Instagram will bring a dedicated like button for IG Stories. Users can use it and the likes will not be able to see who likes their IG Story.

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According to Mosseri, this update will be very useful for IG Story creators and general users. IG Story creators won’t be bothered by a flood of DMs.

“Recipients of likes cannot see the number of likes they get. While givers like, their identity will not be revealed. Likes will appear as a heart icon only in the Story view,” said Mosseri.

“We’re just making sure that people can express more support for each other, but there’s also no need to send DMs,” he said.

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