iPadOS and iOS 15.6.1 release for general users

After a month of sharing the .6 update, now provides the next version update, namely iOS 15.6.1 for general users.

For those of you users of iOS or devices that support the iOS 15 version, please update immediately!

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One way to update to iOS 15.6.1 is from the Settings menu – General – Software Update.

Use a stable and fast Wi-Fi internet connection to download and then install the iOS 15.6.1 update.

What fixes did Apple provide on iOS 15.6.1? As noted in Apple Support, iOS 15.6.1 provides fixes to system security.

The list of security fixes is in the Kernel and WebKit section.

Because it only focuses on security fixes, the iOS 15.6.1 update document is quite small.

On the Pro device we used, the update to iOS 15.6.1 was only around 280MB in size.

Previously in the iOS 15.6 update, Apple provided several new features and improvements.

Some of them are in the TV application, Storage Always Full display, improvements in Safari and several others.

Next month, in September, Apple is rumored to be distributing the update to general users.

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