Retro Ragnarok Game Confirmed to Release on December 15

developer Gravity Game Link will release the Retro game, after passing the Closed Beta Testing and Pre-Registration stages. President of Gravity Game Link, Harry Choi, explained that the game will be available on December 15, 2021.

“We will officially open the Grand Launch of Ragnarok Retro on December 15, 2021,” he said in a written statement on Friday, December 10, 2021.

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Ragnarok Retro is an online PC MMORPG game based on Ragnarok Online with Revo-Classic content based on the comics created by Lee Myung-jin. Since it was first released in 2003, Ragnarok Online has been well received by fans in Indonesia.

Now, Gravity Game Link again offers memories for Ragnarok lovers to bring back the experience of playing in the past. Choi hopes that this game will be received like its predecessor.

“I’m sure I can bring back the experience of playing Ragnarok like in the past and reminisce together again,” said Choi, adding that he was also very open to all suggestions and constructive criticism from all players for the further development of Ragnarok Retro.

The Ragnarok Retro game will present some excellent content and features, one of which is job 1 to job 2-1, with Revo-Classic Skill and Formula. There is also a classic map that will take players back to the past, then get special card drops by defeating MVP monsters.

In addition, there is also a PvP mode, as well as the most exciting and challenging WOE, plus character customization with thousands of cute and cool Costumes and Accessories. In the Grand Launching phase, the Ragnarok Retro Team presents a variety of interesting events with total prizes worth tens of millions of rupiah.

One of them is the Install Play & Win event, which all players can participate in. Only by downloading the Ragnarok Retro game, then playing it, then there are also characters who reach level 70 will have the opportunity to win various prizes such as the Kawasaki W175 Retro Classic.

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